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Helping You 
Realize Your
Power to
"Create Wealth"
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Professional Growth


Scale Your Business To The Next Level

The 818 Wealth Academy will help you scale your business to the next level, or simply get your started on your road to being a business owner.

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Live Life By God's Designs

Increase your spiritual walk by increasing in revelations of who God is and developing spiritual practices in order to harness the power within you. Realizing this power will help you understand your "Power to Create Wealth"

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Win In Your Relationships

Learn what is means to have healthy relationships with family, friends, and even business colleagues. Relationships are a currency needed to obtain wealth

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THE 818 WEALTH ACADEMY helps to transform the lives and economy of people and their lineage by offering level-up opportunities and providing solutions to everyday life problems through e-learning experiences and digital communities worldwide.

What once started as a credit repair business in 2014 that specialized in personal credit repair, credit coaching, real estate mentorship, business set-up and scaling, and business credit building is now a full-service online university that teaches how to get wealth in just about any legitimate and positive market.

Today, we accomplish our full-scale mission through:

• Providing comprehensive e-learning experiences (programs)

• Offering transformational digital products

• Creating and fostering impactful communities in niche spaces such as Real Estate Investing, Crypto Investing, Leadership, Bible Study, Relationships, Personal Growth & Development, Business, Real Estate, Finance, and so much more.

818 Wealth Academy is built upon the idea that we have all been given the God-given ability and opportunity to access the power to get wealth. With that belief, we are powered by a team of full-time, domestically-and-internationally-based digital marketing and transformation experts who are passionate about helping to make the world a better place by transforming people and their families for generations to come.

We are people who embrace the 818 Wealth Academy Core Values while working in tandem with the most well-known educators, experts, and content creators in multiple spheres of influence and spaces to provide the most comprehensive e-learning experiences for our customers.

The 818

Wealth Academy 



The Only Academy That Equips You Relationally, Spiritually, That You Might Create And Win Financially.


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