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"Hey there, my name is Jasmine Dudley, and I want to share with you a strategy that will help you win in the business game. Now, I know what you're thinking. "There's no way one strategy can work for everyone." But trust me, this strategy is tried and true and it will work for anyone who applies it. So if you’re an established entrepreneur who’s ready to scale your business and revenue, stay tuned because I'm about to reveal several plays in one strategy that will help you succeed."


"There is Freedom"

Jasmine Dudley is the Co-Founder and active CEO of Naomi's Connect Technology, DP House Publishers, and the 818 Wealth Academy. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Mrs. Dudley has always had a passion for technology and its potential to change lives. After deciding college was not for her, she left and began working for a number of companies before co-founding her own publishing company in 2016. For over ten years, Mrs. Dudley has worked in the background of technology at various companies—including hers—specifically web, mobile, and software sales and development. In her current position at Naomi’s Connect Technology, she helps to develop products that make it easier for people to connect with one another and share information.


As the CEO of the Naomi's Connect Technology, DP House, and 818 Wealth Academy brands she is responsible for strategic planning and growth, research, portfolio management, and many other aspects of the businesses. She has successfully overseen the expansion of all companies, increasing revenues and profits while maintaining a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. In addition to her business acumen, she is also a highly skilled communicator and motivator, able to inspire and lead her team to achieve great things. She is truly a leader in every sense of the word, and under her guidance, both all of the companies that she leads are sure to continue to thrive.


She is an app developer of the groundbreaking trademarked and patented Naomi's Connect app that connects motherless daughters to daughterless mothers around the world. The app provides a forum for users to share their experiences, offer advice, and support one another as family. In addition, the app includes a directory of resources for motherless daughters and those who form mother-daughter relationships within the app, including books, articles, adult adoption information, counseling services, cookbook recipes, and motivational audios for daughters, and more. Users can also search for motherless daughters in their area and connect with them offline.


As a business consultant, Mrs. Dudley has a lot of experience helping companies grow and scale. However, she finds that her most successful clients are those who are already established and have been in business for a while. They usually come to her because they want to take their business to the next level and start making 6-8 figure profit months. These clients are usually very goal-oriented and driven, and they are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their objectives. Mrs. Dudley enjoys working with them because she knows that they have the potential to be truly successful. She is able to provide them with the tools and resources they need to take their business to the next level. With her help, they are able to achieve their goals and reach new heights of success.

Mrs. Dudley is also an active investor and advisor to several early-stage technology companies and other businesses that agree with the landscape of her business portfolio.


In a world where the nine-to-five work week is increasingly becoming a thing of the past, it's no surprise that more and more people are turning to entrepreneurship to make a living. And among this new generation of entrepreneurs, one woman is making waves for her innovative approach to wealth generation. Dubbed the "Harriet Tubman of her generation," she is quickly becoming known as a millennial creative who is leading the charge when it comes to financial freedom. What sets her apart from other business leaders is her focus on creating multiple streams of income using technology, instead of relying on one source of income and manual labor. This not only provides financial stability in an unpredictable economic climate, but it also gives her the freedom to pursue her passion projects without worrying about money. As more and more people are struggling to make ends meet, she is proving that it is possible to create your own success story. And in doing so, she is inspiring a new generation of entrepreneurs to do the same.

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We've been helping Leaders, Business Executives, and Business Owners generate more money since 2014, and our boot camps are the ultimate way to generate more revenue. Our graduates can expect great results in their business as they go through the Bootcamp and apply what's taught by our trainers and Jasmine Dudley herself!

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Dr. Nancy Joy Dozier

I give this course a ten out of ten. I NEEDED the information, Impartation and the community. There is so much I’ve been able to implement and see results. I still have so much to incorporate into my business but Coach Jasmine gave me the tools to make it happen.


Melissa D. White,
The Activation Coach

This program provides a lot of missing ingredients that a lot of programs miss, and that’s Mindset, Faith, and Community! You can have tools, but without accountability to use them and the belief that it will work, it will be hard to move. I highly recommend this program for those ready to do real work and increase their mindset to see results!


Kimberly Jones
CEO of
Living On Purpose Coaching Academy

It was good to have that personal time to talk through the nuances of your individual entrepreneurial journey, challenges, fears, wins etc.

This program is the best out there. It is from the heart and reaches the heart, while simultaneously activating your hands to do the work. No complaints here! I am pleased!



This course is one of the most powerful moments of revelation and insights that I have had the opportunity to participate in, considering all of the learning environment I have been a part of. I have been in many. The principles I have learned are foundational and can be applied to any ministry or business venture I initiate and manage.

Pastor Vorlea Chaney