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  • Why 95% of New MLM Agents Fail!

    Imagine your friend, whom you are definitely on great terms with but don't get a chance to talk to very often, calls you out of the blue! They are all of a sudden extremely excited about what you have going on and want to see if you can come over to a dinner party at their home. In your mind this is harmless, so you decide to get yourself a babysitter and go! Cut to: You're at your friend's house and the night is going great! But you can tell there's this awkwardness in the air. All of a sudden their excitement seems a bit awkward. It almost feels like there is some impending news, but you can't quite put your finger on it yet. THEN BOOM! They hit you with a sales pitch about how they are about to become millionaires making sooooo much money with their "New Business." SAY WHAATTT? Well, now. We are all tired of living paycheck-to-paycheck, right? So at this point anything (that's legal) sounds enticing. So they get you to the table and then the sales presentation begins. Listen, at this point I know what you're thinking. - "I really don't have time to do another MLM." - "I'll just try the products to keep my friends happy." - "Wait, all I need to do is sign up 10 people and I become a Millionaire?" - "I know more than 10 people!" - "Oh, I can do this in my sleep!" - "It's just a couple hundred to sign up. What's the worse that can happen? I will still have the products. Plus, I should be able to make that back in no time!" Then, you sign up! Eager to change the world...and your bank account that's currently sitting at a number you wouldn't dare talk about over a dinner table of soon-to-be millionaires. Until...Cut to: the real work begins. You realize that getting your 10 sign-ups is not as easy as you thought. You've paid and invested in trainings, searched for mentors. You've even paid thousands of dollars for them to tell you what they know. Only to be left months later still trying to hustle. Not to mention, you're out of more money than you've actually earned. I know my friend. I have been there several times. Is it a scam? No, not at all. But here's what most of these companies don't tell you; that only about 0.05% have the success story of making millions. This is the data they choose not to showcase. They don't tell you about the relationship breakdowns that occur in your life because you will almost have to bully people to sign up with you. They don't tell you about the debt that you actually incur just to invest in all the things you need to effectively run this business. Oh! Here's a big one! They don't tell you that you are not actually the business owner, but just merely a contractor that works sales for the business. Meaning, this is not something you can hand down through the generations to your children and your grands, and...well, you get the point! Every family member that works this company will have to start as a sign-up. Only the Company Owners can leave an inheritance for the next generation. Yours will have to work it like you had to. Now, after all of your hard work, you start to really put the numbers together and realize, "Hmmm...something's not adding up here." You're right. It's not! Did you know the average hourly wage of an MLM agent is about $0.67 an hour?'s still not a scam. And it's right for some people. The question is, "Is it right for you?" Truth is you can become a millionaire without all the hassle. How? By working your own dreams that God gave you! You just have to find out what you are good at, package it up, then sell it to consumers that need it. And trust me, in this world of almost 8 billion, there are consumers out there that need what you can offer. Don't know where to start? Try The 818 Wealth Academy's FREE e-book "Unlock The Expert In You" , and you will discover the goldmine hidden inside of you. Want to teach what you are good at or sell something amazing and get on your way to making what you've always dreamt of? Start creating your own courses or selling your own products through this one stop shop system. You're just one click away. TRY IT HERE. The 818 Wealth Academy is here to open your eyes to your power to create wealth! Ready, set, go!

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    ONE-ON-ONE COACHING MONTHLY GROUP MENTORING EVENTS AND SESSIONS TRAVEL EXPERIENCES DIRECT ACCESS 6-MONTH PROGRAM (RENEWAL BASED ON NEED) Apply Now! What To Expect Personalized guidance: Coach Jasmine Dudley will provide individualized support and mentorship to help mentees navigate the challenges of discovering and pursuing their purpose in life. She will share her own experiences in business, ministry, and personal growth, offering insights and strategies for success. Access to exclusive resources: Mentees will gain access to Coach Jasmine Dudley's network and resources, allowing them to learn from other mentors and explore best practices in various areas of life. They will have the opportunity to witness and be part of the behind-the-scenes work being done, enabling them to expand their knowledge and skills. They will also have opportunities to work hands-on with certain projects. Transformational experiences: The mentorship program will offer elevated experiences worldwide, providing mentees with the opportunity to broaden their perspectives and gain valuable insights from different cultures and environments. These experiences are designed to facilitate personal growth and transformation. Community and lasting connections: The mentorship program aims to foster a tight-knit community, where mentees can form long-lasting friendships and sisterhood bonds. By cultivating a supportive and like-minded group, mentees will have the opportunity to learn from and support each other throughout their journeys. COMMITMENT The 6-month commitment will require that you participate in your growth and stretch beyond your level of comfort! ​ Monthly Mentorship Enrollment Fees: - The monthly program will be a minimum of $197 monthly. ​ ( You will cover your own travel + event expenses unless otherwise noted) ​ ​ Apply Now!

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    Helping You Realize Your Power to "Create Wealth" Financial Scale Your Business To The Next Level The 818 Wealth Academy will help you scale your business to the next level, or simply get your started on your road to being a business owner. Learn More Spiritual Live Life By God's Designs Increase your spiritual walk by increasing in revelations of who God is and developing spiritual practices in order to harness the power within you. Realizing this power will help you understand your "Power to Create Wealth" Learn More Relational Win In Your Relationships Learn what is means to have healthy relationships with family, friends, and even business colleagues. Relationships are a currency needed to obtain wealth Learn More About THE 818 WEALTH ACADEMY helps to transform the lives and economy of people and their lineage by offering level-up opportunities and providing solutions to everyday life problems through e-learning experiences and digital communities worldwide. ​ What once started as a credit repair business in 2014 that specialized in personal credit repair, credit coaching, real estate mentorship, business set-up and scaling, and business credit building is now a full-service online university that teaches how to get wealth in just about any legitimate and positive market. ​ Today, we accomplish our full-scale mission through: ​ • Providing comprehensive e-learning experiences (programs) • Offering transformational digital products • Creating and fostering impactful communities in niche spaces such as Real Estate Investing, Crypto Investing, Leadership, Bible Study, Relationships, Personal Growth & Development, Business, Real Estate, Finance, and so much more. ​ 818 Wealth Academy is built upon the idea that we have all been given the God-given ability and opportunity to access the power to get wealth. With that belief, we are powered by a team of full-time, domestically-and-internationally-based digital marketing and transformation experts who are passionate about helping to make the world a better place by transforming people and their families for generations to come. ​ We are people who embrace the 818 Wealth Academy Core Values while working in tandem with the most well-known educators, experts, and content creators in multiple spheres of influence and spaces to provide the most comprehensive e-learning experiences for our customers. The 818 Wealth Academy CREATE WEALTH. The Only Academy That Equips You Relationally, Spiritually, That You Might Create And Win Financially. GET THE IDEA! More Publications Speaking

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